Thursday, April 29, 2010

When I get old

When I get old I want to be part of a book club. I want to run the book club and have little book club meetings and tea parties at my house. Who am I kidding? I want to be part of a book club now and invite all my book club friends over for book club tea and gossip. What would be better than a party devouring literary non-existent drama? I've been reading Candice Bushnell's The Carrie Diaries and I am totally in love. I'm going to gush to you all because a) I, clearly as stated above, am not blessed with the presence of women in the form of a club and b) because you are all such lovely and nice readers to stick with me and / visit my blog on occasion. 

I was so excited to read more about Carrie Bradshaw when I heard about Bushnell's new book about Carrie in the early years. But I have to say, half way through the book I was a little upset about the whole, lets tell the world everything about Carrie, all her secrets, even in high school, thing - gasp! I mean, lets be honest in Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw is the perfect women - flawed, captivating, creative, honest with kick-ass style and an amazing sense of humour. Some people hate her, but she is who she is and she struggles with her identity a little bit. Welcome to the real world. Why would I need to see a different side of her when I saw her grow and evolve throughout the entire Sex and the City series? Sometimes, books, movies etc are made as money grabs - complete money grabs. Which to say is sad because clearly, fans like me are totally willing to buy and devour the book because the characters are so amazing every time.  Okay so the story goes like this; Carson gets excited about book, Carson starts reading book, Carson gets mad at Bushnell, Carson gets mad about Carrie's high school boyfriend/ best-friend drama, Carson falls in love with the story of young Carrie.  The problem with this scenario is that I feel like there is a huge gap between young Carrie and older New Yorker, writer Carrie. She participates in things in high school that I never in a million years thought Carrie would do (swim team? kicking around an old barn?).  I guess I just never saw that side of her and now I'm a little bit bothered. Needless to say, it is not entirely great literature but it sure has kept me turning its pages because Carrie is so real and her relationships are so gripping. I'm still reading. I don't know what to say 100% yet... Carrie feels like me! I feel like Carrie! Bushnell must know so much about being a women and also so much about the relationships between men and women and women and women and on and on. She just knows, or has had enough experience to be confident about what she knows. Candice I applaud! 


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