Thursday, July 29, 2010

Develop, Develop, Develop

I have had the top black and white cut outs on my cork board for quite some time when I finally decided to really use them as inspiration. I found a cohesive story in the photos and the looks of the women in each picture. It is almost like a progressive attitude that grows from the beginning to end; not only is this evident in the mood of each photo but it is also clear in the clothing that the subjects are wearing. A more subdued and classic silhouette builds to an edgier character. I got excited when I developed this little story in my head and put together a collection of looks that I feel connect to my inspiration. I'm trying to work with this you see, at Parsons we developed and developed inspiration until our brains couldn't possibly develop anymore more. So I am working with this again - mood boards and inspiration and what not. I think that the looks selected really capture a piece of the story that is presented in my sequence of clippings and move in the same direction in terms of colour palate and shape. They also share the masculinity and easiness that lives in my inspiration.

Looks from;  Burberry Prorsum - Jcrew - Celine F/W 2010

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