Saturday, July 10, 2010

Home for now

What have you been up to lovelies? I've been super busy planning my life and what not. My parents gave me the green light to apply to fashion school! I have never been so happy. I'll do another year where I am at right now and then hopefully will get the chance to go away. I have been looking into Ryerson in Toronto, FIT and Parsons in New York and London College of Fashion. It is surprisingly difficult to choose a pathway because all of the programs are so different. I am leaning toward the Fashion Marketing course at Parsons and Fashion Buying and Merchandising at LCF. It is all so hectic around here. My thoughts are everywhere but in the here and now.

Anyway, last week I was feeling very domestic and home loving so I wore this fantastic nautical dress and went to the market and lake and what not. It is so sweet, one of my favourite basics among the many that live on my dress rack. I especially love the bow tie.

Thinking about how badly I need a good camera hmmm...


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