Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thanks to the hunter

I read an interview between Fashion Magazine and Ivan Rodic, of Facehunter. It is interesting how I can think of something one way a certain day and in then see it in a completely different perspective the next. Ivan said;

“First thing: I don’t believe in trends; I don’t know the trends. Some people make a business out of it and it’s very lucrative, but I find it so unrealistic, so na├»ve. In the internet era, people get inspired by so many things.”

Which got me to thinking about fashion all together; the way we perceive it and the way we attempt to present ourselves in the name of fashion. Which leads to an explanation as to why so many people speak against the fashion world, trends and style - because they are afraid that they don't know it or understand it. It can be an intimidating place, the fashion world, when one sees beauty all around and doesn't feel they have an eye to achieve it. When really, fashion is, as Coco Chanel explained it, to be all around us. What the Facehunter was trying to express is that everything is fashion and that even though we are seemingly lead by this big, huge, forever powerful and mighty source [the industry and Anna Wintour and magazines and the media and Fashion Television] real people express their passionate love for fashion [or their appetite for beautiful textiles, vintage clothes etc.] in a billion different ways. Blogging allows us, yes to keep in touch with the world of fashion, but to also explore the closets and lives of people halfway across the world. Blogging lets us to become inspired in the quickest way possible. Inspiration is at the fingertips of anyone who lusts for it. So take your inspiration from where ever you may come across it and explore, attempt and create because the interpretation of fashion is really what makes it so stimulating. 



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