Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hot Child in the City

On top of giving life to my blog again, I have been making big changes in my own life. For example, I'm back at school, reading amazing books. I'm a vegetarian as of six weeks ago. I am going to my first hot yoga class tomorrow and I am on the road to organic happiness (again more talk about food). I am in love with these photos mostly because of their richness. Carmel/ camel/ golden-deliciousness is my favourite thing for the fall. Also really into the 70s vibe lately. Remember my post about hiding boxes full of clothes and then re-discovering them later on? I never cease to surprise myself. I found some treasure when I was home last weekend and ended up carting 5 'new' pairs of wide legged jeans and bell bottoms back to school with me. Sidenote; I will be adopting this haircut, a shorter version of it, on Tuesday, yayyy!

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The French Maid said...

Just found you via The Paris Apartment...
I am loving this color palette, too, right now!
So warm and pretty!
So many people seem to make big changes in the Spring, but I think now is such a perfect time of self reflection. Good for you...isn't change wonderful?
--Lee Ann