Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

"The key to change is to let go of fear." 

I have had quite a fucked up and fabulous 2010. So many things have gone down, let me tell you. But in all that I have been through I have realized so much about so many things. The new year for me is going to be about letting things be, because I believe that everything happens for a reason. There are so many beautiful things to see and experience and I'm so excited to ring in the new year with some positive thoughts and attitudes. I want to appreciate the things that I have, rather than those that I do not. I want to find passion. I want to find love; who doesn't. I want to try new things and meet fabulous people. I have never been a wild celebrator of New Year's but this year is coming to a quick and undeniable close and it is hard for me not to recognize it. I have spent a lot of time reflecting on change and everything that has happened this year as a process of growth. As I must come to realize, some times things happen to slap you in the face, to wake you up, not because they are the be-all end-all answers to life. Sometimes, we become so attached to notions of perfection because they are the first things that we stumble upon. We pursue them until it hurts to do anything else. And maybe they are it. Maybe they are the ultimate answers. But if we don't move on we lose the chance to live our lives.  I feel like I woke up after this summer, it was the marker to the beginning of a new life and definitely a new me. The interesting part about our traditional New Year's celebration is that we commemorate the notion that our new selves begin when the clock strikes twelve. I believe that we can change ourselves at any point so long as we have the will to do so. I guess this is me saying that I don't need New Year's Eve to provide me the will to change my habits, but that I need it to observe all that I have been through and how I have grown over the past year. I want to gather my thoughts about the 2010 and recognize - even though it is so very difficult to do so - that all you really need is yourself. A strong, committed love for you. You don't need to fly across the ocean for this as much as you want to.

So... let go of fear, try new things, go for what you love and let it be. I like to say that you can change your own mind, but never the minds of others.

Moving forward, let us talk about beautiful and fabulous things, eat delicious food, spend time with wonderful people, try new things and live our lives because we all deserve it. Have a wonderful 2011 everyone! I wish you all happiness, prosperity, love etc. etc.


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