Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spring/ Summer 2011

Roberto Cavalli 

I am not an avid follower of Roberto Cavalli but something about this collection in particular caught my eye. It is so cohesive and the collection has such fantastic movement and texture. The first and second last looks in specific are so sexy, yet possess such an easiness and organic taste. The spirit of the collection is expressed in the ease of its wearers and the way in which each piece so fluidly moves along with the subject. Fashion as art is quite a blatant idea yet Cavalli uses the body of his models to truly showcase the art of the body with the effortless use of beautiful clothing. They coexist as one and that is why the collection is so pure. This is why it is so appealing and works so well. It is the clothed nakedness of beauty. So intricate are most of his pieces, but what we see is the body and fashion as a whole.

Alexander McQueen


I would have to say that my favourite show of 2010 has been Alexander McQueen. I was so delighted to see each piece walk down the runway; such texture, movement, life. I think it was truly a great success as the first show following the death of the designer. I feel that Sarah Burton really captured the spirit of McQueen in her collection. There is always the question of repeated elements, however I would assume it to be quite daunting to design for the line following the genius that Alexander himself expressed in his work. It would be difficult to present a perfectly original collection while also developing the style and creativity explored before. You can tell that each piece was carefully calculated as to best interpret what the late designer would have done. 

I love the idea of rebirth that was explored as inspiration to this collection. Each piece bears such life and mystique, such that an emotional story is portrayed as each made their way down the runway. There is a organic feeling to the collection; a woodland-like mood; a peculiarly fairy-like romance. It is pure magic. So captivating was Burton's ability to manifest an idea that McQueen himself would have so beautifully illustrated as art upon the runway. 

Everything about this show was spectacular in the most subtle of ways; as every show should be.  Of every piece in the show, I find that my favourite is the final feathered dress. Delicious.

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