Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best Dressed Blokes of 2010

Okay, I'm going to go all middle school for a couple minutes here; the Best Dressed Blokes of 2010 ranking published in UK Gentlemen's Quarterly is kind of atrocious for a couple reasons. Seemingly, to be Britain's best dressed you have to be young, dimpled and philosophical. You MUST have a budding career, be under 25, and have been involved in a surprisingly highly successful and well accepted indie film in the last year or two... gasp! The astonishing part is that the top couple, Aaron Johnson and Nicholas Hoult in particular are like, the perfect combination of boyish innocence and Brit bad-boy and mystique.. yeah. Furthermore they have the classic Brit look and maybe even personality that says, my style is relaxed and handsome and entirely natural but also a little bit elegant. So what's so bad about this? For starters THE STYLE HAPPENS IN THE MOVIE. Yeah, Johnson is remarkably gorgeous in Nowhere Boy and Hoult is particularly dreamy in Tom Ford's, A Single Man. But what I think Gentlemen's Quarterly is missing is the actual fashion that is involved in the title 'Best Dressed,' in terms of real life. Yes, Johnson looks great in the movie and alright out and about. He is charming because he is handsome, not because he has particularly great style. But look at the style contrast between photos from the film and street style pictures. So tell me why he won first place?  I would argue that Hoult win the prize in this rating because in terms of fashion, his wardrobe takes the lead well beyond anything Johnson has been seen wearing. If you know anything about Nicholas Hoult (and/or Tom Ford for that matter) you will know that he is undoubtedly one of Ford's most influential and favoured muses. It is evident in the garbs he's been sporting for the last little while. This is a good example of high fashion men's wear because it captures a true style. And he looks fantastic. Johnson is just so slimy in real life and his style reflects that, whereas Ford's influence on Hoult has turned his wardrobe into a wholesomely elegant and handsome, well rounded mixture of pieces. Hoult walks around like an ongoing collection. Which is why he should definitely have been placed far superior to Johnson. I also would have argued an individual beyond the 14-25 year age bracket seeing as the men who made the top cut all fall into the exact same category of successful male i.e Rob Pattinson at Four. Then I have NO idea where Prince Harry came from seeing as his style is more a reflection of a bad college party scenario - plaid shirts, faded jeans, running shoes. Need I say more? I would have liked to see some of the more 'established' men in higher positions. The list is atrocious because it is so disappointing. I would have liked to see something a little less predictable.

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