Monday, January 31, 2011

"Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards." 

I totally jacked these photos from V Magazine's site. But I've noticed that my perspective has totally changed in the past while thanks to the devouring of Nabokov's Lolita and my women's studies class (with the most wonderful professor ever, I might add). It would be completely immoral to NOT comment on the new Valentino SS/11 collection in terms of the idea of infantilism and sexualization. Not to take away from the beauty of it, because I think that it is conclusively quite gorgeous. Fashion TV commented on the 'nipple trend,' this idea that nipples are totally in for the Spring / Summer of 2011 season. I don't blame the industry because it transforms and contributes a depth to just about every piece. It takes from the clothing and develops a new identity or story for the collection itself. It says so much about the wearer. It says so much about sexuality. It's a clean approach to what is natural. There is nothing sexier than the female body, so why should fashion not emphasize what (and feminism would kill me for saying this) is feminine at the most realistic level: the body and its bearing. The problem is that there exists such a strong focus on youthful models and design concepts to say the least. Which brings me to connect this rightfully to the Val. collection: its transparency and childish play on pastels, bow peep and pretty-little-bits-of-nature are so blatantly playing up the Lolita affect. The collection is so nymph-like. So Lolita. It is the seduction of youth. A love affair with lightness. The craze does not but exist alone in this particular Valentino collection, but amongst the work of at least the past three and further in the designs of other designers such as Marc Jacobs. Humbert Humbert would be dancing with joy. 

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