Friday, February 25, 2011

Needs and Wants

I hope you all seriously appreciate me as Storm. 
These are the first couple photos with my new Fiance, Ronaldo (the Canon EOS 60D).


There has grown such a great separation between our needs and our wants. The things that we know are best for us exist as only that and our dreams become impossibilities. At what point can we understand our dreams to be needs - as all that is possible? I think that only as we limit our options will we come to understand our desires as essential to our survival.  Simply put, we become overwhelmed by choices and forget what we really want. If our wants become the only option we can tear down our imagined reality and focus wholeheartedly on a created one.  Reason positions itself as an entity of perfection; to be fully of desire and rationale in the best situation. So if as human beings we possess the capacity to fathom reason, what holds us from uniting what we really want and what is best for us? Why can't we decide? Do we doubt ourselves into misbelieving our own desires?

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