Friday, March 11, 2011

Mid-Winter Troubles

With all this sleet and snow, what am I supposed to wear?

I feel as if Autumn flies by so quickly that I don't get a chance to play around with my fall wardrobe. Becoming reacquainted with the chilly weather once again around October, I definitely get excited (cozy sweaters, tights, boots and layering mmm) then all of a sudden it turns damp, bitter and grey. The problem with this is that it literally never ends. I think that if I have to wear skinnies with my shiny Hunters for another day I will die a very boring death, vehemently spitting my loathsome thoughts toward mother nature, Waterloo, my wardrobe and life in general. 

So what are we expected to wear in limbo? 

I usually add spots of colour and statement pieces to my wardrobe during these months - it's like a breath of fresh air. Still playing with neutrals, I try to incorporate some more Spring appropriate pieces into my everyday looks and to play around with vintage finds. I think that late Winter is the most un-motivational of seasons because we simply lose steam and grow tired of trudging about. Our drab layers get the best of us and we just want colour and white and uncomplicated effortlessness! Working with this, I tend to change up my beauty routines especially - revamping my moisturizing ritual and trying a few new cosmetics seem to be the best tactics thus far. I picked up a lovely new powder blush called Fleur Power from Mac the other day and have found beauty inspiration from a few Fashion Week shows. Accessories are also a great way to bring life to my wardrobe. I like adding some colour and texture with bags, jewellery and fur.

I love how in my inspiration photos each of the looks are so Wintertime conservative, but also have that flashy hint of Spring. I find them very Kate Spade and quirky classic. My favourite is the Alexa Chung mix of patterns. They so perfectly work hand-in-hand to create possibly the most basic but refreshing outfit I have seen in a while. This deserves to be imitated. 

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