Saturday, April 16, 2011


I am in dire need of this dress... my God Alexander Wang you did me proud.
* 5 Inch and Up


Pieces like this A-Wang shirt-dress are a must have in any wardrobe. First and foremost, every woman should have a nice white blouse. My mother has taught me that this is a staple to any wardrobe: I wear mine both dressed up and casual, for work and for play. A white blouse can go miles in terms of use because it can be worn with just about anything. It's a classic piece to wear with a chunky necklace and jeans, tucked into a pair of shorts or skirt, or paired with a statement piece like a vintage vest, or olive green jacket. I like to play around with different looks - Last night I wore my white blouse with my favourite caramel leather jacket and pointed heals out to dinner.  Another favourite of mine is the boyfriend shirt. There's nothing like a slouchy button-up for any occasion.

The best thing about the white blouse is that there are so many different styles. You can stay classic and find a perfectly fitted, basic number. I just found one of these at the Gap. Or, you can explore something that is a little more interesting with a bigger collar, pleats, ruffles or highlighted sleeves - Ann Fontaine is fabulous for this!

This is why I fell in love with the blouse worn on 5 Inch and Up. It's just an awesome piece to have; something that can be worn in so many different ways. It can be dressed up, or worn casually, layered and accessorized. It is the perfect example of a subtle statement piece that is more classic wardrobe than exotic-wear-once-in-you-lifetime. Alexander Wang does such a great job of maintaining a sexualized femininity in his collections. Inspired by menswear, he takes from the classic fit, cut and construction of a traditional men's piece, works his magic, and sends the most deliciously tailored looks down the runway. This shirt dress looks so fantastic on her body, it makes me want to run out and buy five so they never ever wear out. 

Now go shop you beautiful pretties!

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