Sunday, May 29, 2011

I have to fall individually in love with each photo that I post.
I have to love the marriage of colours and textures, of the stories 
they tell, and the single moment that they capture, convey and translate between one another.
 I choose my photos by scouring files and files searching for that instantaneous transition: a flush
of the cheek, the colour of her lips, the moment she happens to look upward 
and into the lens of the camera. 
People say that the most magical thing about photography is that it is able to catch an emotion.
Placing photos together, one below the other is 
like creating the absolute perfect moment. 
But, I can never know what you see.

I find it so horribly tragic, the way a woman belittles her own abilities. 
Reading the latest issue of the most, in my immediate opinion, devaluing, magazine Cosmopolitan 
while traveling on the train the other day I - as I have always found myself to do - couldn't help but 
notice a few considerably degrading aspects of the entire concept of Cosmo. Hmm, let's teach other women to focus their efforts, and to conceal their own understandings and abilities in order to capture the attention of the 'not-so-perfect' man, to coddle him, to please him, and of course when all this has been accomplished to reach the Big-O ourselves (or at least to enjoy a little acting here and there). 
Ultimately, we're taught to disregard our own strengths in the name of 
'consideration,' modesty and humility.
So you think the times have changed?

In real life scenarios we learn to back down when women are involved. The most difficult part about this, I think, is not being able to confidently express how we feel about ourselves. 
Walking down the road in my silk butterfly dress I cannot help but notice the way other women
look at me. The way they snarl. The way they look me up and down. The way that they search so desperately for a flaw without even knowing me. It is not until that moment as their sweetie places his hand on the small of their little back that the side of their mouth twists upward. They are not happy until they know that there is something much better about them and so horrible about me. 

We need to emphasize the greatness in ourselves: how we love that goofy curl that always seems 
to fall in the wrong place. Our skin that freckles more than it tans. The way we laugh, walk, talk, dance. We need to come to terms with why we are wonderful, unique, 
and talented. Furthermore, we must appreciate
other women around us. We should consider the strength of another woman's
legs, the loveliness of her confidence, walking along the sidewalk. 

We need to see ourselves the way our greatest love sees us: perfect as exactly who we are
and always will be. 

The person that we put forward can become the woman that everyone comes to
believe us to be. 

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