Thursday, June 23, 2011

"The unavoidable truth is that in the real world things don't always come in the order we're taught to expect them. A lot of women ask me, "How do you have it all?" I tell them that it's not actually hard to have it all; you just can't always have 
it all in the same proportion or at the same time."

- Kelly 

Admittedly, I'd kind of hoped that this job would have me by day and 
release me, unscathed, at night. So wrong as I in my thinking. In reality, 
it's taken over my conscience and energy and I find myself every night, 
without fail, in contemplation of my selling abilities and progression and learning 
and how it (my being here) all fits into the overall running of the business.
I think about the cases that need to be straightened and the people who
need to be called. I think of new ways to better everyday operations.
I strategize. 

How can you engage your unwilling, uninterested, and 
stand-offish customers? 

This is the question that has baffled me most in the past while. Getting
in trouble (snappy responses, glaring eyes, 
huffing breaths through teeth), time and time again, for not 'engaging' the customers
who have walked through the door, into the store and back out again
without making even a small purchase, has become one of 
my biggest annoyances. 

I knew a girl - mysteriously interesting, compelling, magnetic - who 
had you at a glance. I remember being intrigued and then having to learn not to hate 
her because she seemed so incredibly, amazingly, engaging and vibrant, yet 
never ever exposed herself. She moved quietly in and out of class
and out into the city where she seemed to know everything and everyone 
who in turn, were madly in love with her. She swished her long hair
and pranced in her battered ballet flats. She was natural. And magical. 
And everyone loved her. 

In business I think that you have to have this energy about you. 

Cleaning the cases yesterday, I stumbled on this thought, putting 
together the pieces of the puzzle - of naturalness and beauty 
and intrigue and passion. You need to put forward, so humbly, and confidently 
your most natural, honest self. People need to trust you, feel the utmost of comfort
in your presence and, in a sense, want to be you (or at least possess your
sense of style). I used to roll into work in a pair of jeans and 
sweater set, but have learned that every outfit counts - so long as you don't 
over think things of's all about balance, a pure sense of self
and kick ass personal marketing.

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