Monday, August 8, 2011

I would have to say that my favourite scent is that of lipstick... is that strange?

Today, amongst others, I'm appreciating the wonder of the little black NARS
box; how its crisp letters wrap themselves neatly around its edges, holding
sweetly the perfect ounce of visual splendour. A 'just right' application, a smacking of the lips, a pucker in my little sterling compact and voila, full consumption of a certain encapsulating, magical feeling. 

For this I blame my mother who has for years collected
the most perfect of samples from the most perfect of companies.
I remember as a child - although for years I admittedly completely rejected 
the thought of make-up - the opening and closing of lipstick tubes, stray
sharpenings of lip pencils and eye pencils, and my magnified 
eyelashes in the 'close-up' mirror. Magic. 

Sexual Healing is the name of this Sheer Lip Colour by NARS

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