Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What is your drink of choice..

~ Perhaps a taste of champagne and fresh juice ~

I would like to master the art of cocktail mixing this year.
Nothing beats a fresh Mimosa on a sunny morning or 
- my personal favourite - the warmth of an 
Old Fashioned late at night. 

I am by no means a close friend of my 
liquor cabinet, but appreciate the texture
of a good drink. 

Thoughts for my closet:

I love mixing brights with classic neutrals... I'm all for natural make-up 
and bright accessories, man-knits with light, flowing, pastel skirts and 
tinted jewels over single palate ensembles. 'Good' dressing is about
mixing the 'not-so-obvious' with the timeless and developing 
a personality within each outfit. 

I used to be frigidly fearful
of colour - now I'm wildly passionate for everything with
a citrus twist for Spring/Summer and a rich, earthy hue for Fall/ Winter.
Bring on the texture, bring on the fire, let's mix up our everyday.


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