Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Femininity should not be rooted on the basis of grace, modesty, or obedience, just as masculinity should not be sewn by the thread of strong, stronger, strongest. 


There is a quote which suggests, in summary, that only when we leave our gender outside the bedroom door are we able to truly make love. Coming together with men need not be a struggle for power; a marking of territory; an act of domination. It should be a conversation, an experience of equality, a safe place for exploration and growth. In conflict, we instead choose to join them in their war - belittling ourselves, our efforts, and everything that women have worked to achieve to set us free. The moment we laugh, the moment we agree, is the moment that we disable our abilities as individuals and as women.

It's interesting to experience the interaction between yourself, a woman, and two men. You, having 
felt accepted, equal, and worthy prior to the inclusion of the second male, yet incapable, insignificant, and penetrable within the competition between the two. Suddenly, respect has flown out the window
and you have become a object to be won. We neuter our dogs for peeing in the house, but pat 
men kindly on the head while they mark us as their own.

When will we realize the importance of choice? More critically, when will we understand that
we have all the power in seeking it?

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