Saturday, January 7, 2012

Madame Butterfly

Quite frankly, I'm bored to death of conversations about so and so's sex life. 
I had a friend who once told me that, above all, the efforts of our greatest 
conversations surround relationships between people: where they are, what
they've done, who they're seeing, who they're not seeing, who they used to see and why, 
what they said to whom, when they spoke to whom last, whether they're better than option two from Pensilvania, what the second period in the last sentence of the third last text really meant. Instead of dating one person apparently we're seeing an office full, sometimes a coffee shop full, and often enough we're getting intimate with our special someone and their five roommates all at the same time. 
Was there ever a time where we were confident enough to trust our gut in a relationship instead of 
relying on the opinions of the entire office?  
Like trying on clothes, we like to have an opinion on our choices. I think that sometimes we search 
for approval and guidance in our love life just as we do in the dressing room. 'Those jeans aren't the right fit. That colour just isn't you.' Similarly, discussing a confusing conversation can help us come to
rational conclusions. It's out in public when we get the Nina Katz face (for all you Sex and the City lovers) we come to realize that Joe from HR knows far more about last night's argument than 
we'd ever want him to. Destructive and hurtful, detailed and exposed, 'harmless' sharing seems 
to bring an unnecessary army of judges into any relationship.
Often enough the victim isn't even known to the perpetrators. Where are the times of decency and respect when talking about the intimacies of other people behind their backs wasn't accepted? Never. 
Clarity: A close friend's New Year's Resolution was to talk less shit and I think that
this is so much less selfish than thy shalt lose twenty pounds! Talking less about
other people's business should prove to be easier than we think. In all honesty, sitting back and smelling the coffee makes this Miss much more attracted to conversation that is much more stimulating. 

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