Friday, June 22, 2012

Boobs: What's the Big Deal?

Thoughts of Italy have brought me to dreams of espresso and the poetry of romantic Italian verses.. To diving into the Mediterranean from the side of a sail boat.. And, unquestionably, to the buttery wardrobe that would charm my brief experience as an Italian dame. 

There is something so alluring about the naturally sensual manner of Italian life on the coast. 

Una vacanza della mente, thoughts of an Italian offshore adventure inspire me to absorb the warm sunlight and romances of summer. 

Where do we draw the line to our dreams - aflutter or possibly over impassioned - when it comes to our summer actions, our wardrobe and our outlook. In Italy it's appropriate to wander the shores embracing the natural curves of our bodies, to let the sun's rays kiss our bottoms, the smalls of our backs, our shoulders.. But roaming the streets of our small city in no more than a cloth to hide our 'ladies' is considerably unnatural in Canada. Just the same, participating in a wild display of damn-near-lovemaking comparable to Brazilian beach comradery on the hills of a populated park is probably more exposed than most civilians are used to. 

Either summer inspires us to take a vacation from fashionable morality - or it's just not a big deal.. 

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