Monday, June 11, 2012

Fears, Struggles, and my Perfect Role Model

The women who make the greatest role models stand strong and poised.. 

Magnetic, they are humble and dignified with a romantic wisdom of life and love and struggle..
They are full of goodness

I don't feel very assertive; or graceful; or wise
I feel young, often childish. Disliked.
I fear that I will sit here, forever, longing for the birth of my womanhood.
And nothing will happen. 
So bright, our youth is supposed to be filled with adventure and desire, mistakes and lessons
I wonder whether I've simply missed it 
Or if I'm waiting too intently 

Flipping, now, through the photos of my contemporary fairy godmothers 
I come to realize that, talented, beautiful, graceful, they are replete with the well salted flaws of their lives. It's not about seeing a perfect image of yourself but in doing, living, breathing the person
that you are in this very moment; Not a beaten up ideal, but a sweltering, 
brave, imperfect woman in the making
That being said, I wish that I could believe my own words

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