Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thinking Fondly of You

Yes you, James Dean.

We blog for the same reason that we read. Providing us with a taste of an alternative life, we are given the opportunity to imagine a reality outside of our own, to be our finest selves, and to be kissed by a world which may never actually touch our lips. We want infatuation, and charm, and seduction- We want to feel that our lives are magnetic
Romantics, we seek inspiration from the beauty of other lives and stories.. But what is it about our life that makes us feel incredible? Wearing perfume, holding hands, cashmere, stopping at a truck stop to collect a buffet of the greatest available treats, pretty things, being kissed.. 
So romantic are our lives in subtle ways. 

Magnetism, then, is but the product of our sincerity 
and wholehearted love for our own story.

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