Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Outsiders Meet Chanel

Fashion teaches one that marrying two opposites - a juxtaposition of textures and lines, of cultural dissimilarities - creates an impressional invention, an experiment, if you will, that tests what is good and normal. Often, the coming together of beauty and ugliness (the normalization of 'ugly beauty' as Miuccia Prada has said) births what we have come to know as iconic symbols in the historical an ethereal fashion realm.  Cultural statements have been presented, and in turn, shaped by fashionably mindful social movements. 

Last week I splurged and bought black nail colour similar to Chanel's onyx black and I totally dig it
I found myself ceremoniously glossing my guy friend's finger tips one night over wine and Azealia Banks mostly to match his outfit but also because it made us both admittedly feel closer to the punk rock rebellion age that we never actually belonged to.

On the same token, I've found that my wardrobe has lost most of its 'golf-club-readyness' as my inner fempunk has lusted over studs and leather and black lace in recent buying ventures. 
Ever since a gruelling intake of fashion sex appeal involving Dolce and Gabbana in 2010 I've understood embellishments in a different light and it finally feels so right.. 

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