Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a breath of fresh air

Summer is just around the corner! Okay... so maybe Spring is around the corner. But still! It means that I can bring out some of my favourite pastel numbers without feeling like a bit of a knob. This is good. Spring is my favourite time of the year, and also so much fun to dress for (except those days when it looks nice out but its really a trick)

I recently got to thinking about all of the outfits in the world - how much I love when people express themselves through clothing. I keep seeing someone in particular with the most incredible suit and I want to be his friend. He must feel so liberated. He wears this suit of music notes; sometimes just the pants and sometimes the entire set (he's a music student). I have to say that it makes my day when I see him. What if we wore our passions on our sleeves, Hmm? Like... someone who enjoys the environment wears a suit with the pattern of trees and someone who enjoys baking cakes wears a suit with the pattern of various desserts. What if people danced around telling the world what they love in the things that they wore. Express it, don't hide it.  Just a thought. Inspire me further music note boy!


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