Friday, March 5, 2010

vampire teeth

So I had this really crazy dream about me fighting / being chased / being attacked by vicious vampires. There was an escape tunnel, and I was going to take it, but then the dream ended. I don't know what happened to the dream Carson because I had to get out of bed and commence in my usual morning activities before my usual Thursday scheduled day. Boring? Maybe. But I (being the bit of a knob that I am) decided that it would be a good idea to research the meaning of the vampires in my dream. It turns out that I am apparently 'emotionally or physically drained.' This fits. I have recently been battling the vampire (my business degree) and searching for some unknown life alternative and it has been exhausting. Aren't you impressed! I think the vampires were sending me messages like... "what are you doing in business, you should be in grumble grumble grumble, ho hum program / direction." Anyway. I have been reliving a few childhood memories in my mind and wondering if my younger self can direct me down the right path. I used to bake mud pies and build forts - play with dolls and create little worlds. I'm not sure where that could bring me, but it should direct me somewhere meaningful... shouldn't it? hmm.. For now I am just immensely confused. I think that the man inside my head should give me another holler - hint please? I'm currently on a journey to finding out where I should be - where I fit.


Vampire - Antsy Pants (check it)

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