Saturday, March 20, 2010

Out and About

I finally escaped campus yesterday! Success. I ended up in Toronto (okay, so it was totally planned) and spent the day thrifting and gushing over pretties and fabulous vintage couture. The best part was spending time in a store called Divine Decadence in Yorkville. Apparently it is 'the best store of its kind' in the world. I know right! So exciting (just me, maybe?) They have an out of this world collection of vintage couture from the 1930s to 90s.  I got a chance to talk to the owner who was incredible - I would love to have longer conversation with her. Anyway! I picked up a couple dresses and a crazy 60s moo moo at some other stores in Kensington Market as well as some sparkly oxfords.  Such a great little shopping trip - I love making friends with strangers and venturing out into the real world. Interesting how the only pictures I took were of food though...  Will post more fashion pictures when I actually wear my new things. 


Fresh Fruit and Veggies - That don't exist in Waterloo
Yummy Cupcakes - guy at the bakery was sort of awesome

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