Monday, March 29, 2010

Because it should matter

Sometimes a blog is a perfect excuse to express completely pointless ideas, thoughts, stories, dreams and what have you. Since I have a blog... I should continue to contribute to the world wide web of information.. no? Here are some fun facts about my life of late...

1) I bought rainbow marshmallows at the grocery store last night. Also known as Fruity Minis to some.
They are delicious, the only kind of marshmallows I like and you should all just go buy yourselves a bag of them. Also have been thinking about throwing said marshmallows at professors all day while in lecture because, yes, they have been carted around in my bag.

2) I have a big problem with planning to bring clothes home from school and ending with more and more at school anyway. Just because I hide a suitcase of clothing-that-I-should-not-wear beneath my bed doesn't mean that the little voice inside my head doesn't convince me to bring more things every single time. Thirteen coats? Not a big deal.

3) I'm done school in like, twenty days! Yay. Although I will be a little sad to leave residence, its not really a terrible place. Plus, all of my favourite goods are here and the ones that I am not so particularly fond of can be hidden at home. Let the summer begin!

4) Okay, so only one more random thing. I'm going to a Miike Snow concert this saturday with my best friend, so exciting. We saw them at Lollapalooza last summer, fell completely in love, and now we are going to watch them again.

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