Saturday, April 3, 2010

Plan B

I got to discussing alternate plans with a friend tonight. I mean, I always knew that that was just part of what I do - "hey I'm Carson and if this doesn't work out I am probably going to have a plan b, just incase." - but I never really thought about how entertaining making up Plan Bs are in reality. Many a time have I preoccupied myself by thinking up what I would do if. Like...

Scenario One:
               I have been robbed and my apartment has been ransacked and they have taken off with all of        
               my clothes. (I was gone and returned, I'm safe in this situation, its okay)
Follow-Up Plan: 
                Cry. Then make plans to go shopping a.s.a.p. I wouldn't just replace all of my clothes in one  
               go because I would have to call the poh-poh (yeah you just watched me do that) and insurance    
               and all that fun stuff. But I would get the basics - skinny jeans, a pair of Toms, a jacket and
               men's button up. Then I would go for the big things that I would be helped to purchase like a
               new Burberry trench etc.

Scenario Two: 
               It is conveniently a holiday, barely anything is open, and I have no food. It is also 4:00 a.m and
               I will die if I don't have anything to eat. I also have no money because they stole my wallet
               when they robbed me of my belongings
Follow-Up Plan:
               Grab a make-shift weapon and venture out into the night in search for a random convenience
               store that just so happens to be glowing in the distance and open 24 hours. No money? I mean,
               I wouldn't do anything scandalous, and I wouldn't steal, I would probably try to convince them
                to open a tab or something
Fun hmm? Not necessarily, sometimes making a plan b is just essential and just incase of those things that could happen, or could go wrong.    Enjoy your weekends friends


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