Monday, April 26, 2010

10 slightly selfish ways to save the world

I have been thinking a lot lately about doing good and giving back to the world. But I have come to realize that right now volunteering abroad or reading to the elderly are not in the cards for me (i mean, hopefully in the future. It is just not entirely possible right now). I have thought about doing good in my own community and yes, starting small is swell but would that really be saving the world? Hmm.. I think not, and the title of the post is 10 slightly selfish ways to save the world, right? That's what I thought . I have compiled a list of things that one can to do save the world and cough - get a little something in return - cough. Like a reward! Just given to you from you. Let's continue, shall we?

1) Invest in a pair of Toms
          - Killer. I love anything sparkly (okay, so don't judge) BUT who doesn't want to strut around in sparkly canvas kicks? Plus, with every purchase of a pair of Toms, another pair is donated to a child in need.

2) Practice Yoga 
             - While you will reap the benefits of amazing posture, core strength and a kick ass bod (which will make people insanely jealous), those around you will appreciate a calm, balanced and collected you. Elle says that for every happy person around your happiness boosts 9%. Think about all those people you could have smiling. You may just make someones day, or gain a new yoga buddy. 

3) Gain Knowledge 
             - So you don't actually have to attend school for this one, you can read a book, take a trip, watch TV - whatever floats your boat. But by gaining knowledge and constantly working at learning something new or expanding your own understanding, you are taking the chance to engage yourself in hardcore world saving. Such as when you are incredibly knowledgable and/ or experienced you can engage others in your awesomeness. Then you will feel fulfilled and save some lives or minds or whatever. Learning = understanding = acceptance = tolerance = peace. Trust me. For instance, I gained much knowledge while watching the Prada Spring 2010 show, muahh 

4) Speak the Truth
              - What better way to save the world than to speak the truth? This can be done via blog, journal, a speech, an article for a local newspaper, or a letter to the editor of your favourite publication. How about through mediums such as art, fashion, film, music, or photography. The thing is to just express yourself - exactly what you are thinking, how you feel, your opinion - while not forgetting to do so tactfully and in a sophisticated manner. How could this save the world? If no one said what they felt, how would the world be - emotionless and drab. Someone will see your thoughts and connect somewhere along the line. Everything that you have to say is important in some way and contributes thoughts, ideas and creativity to the world. 

5) Eat popsicles 
             - You eat the popsicles and win because they are delicious. Then with the popsicle sticks build tiny stick homes for ants and other homeless creatures. This activity of eating and building and eating and building is a good way to give back to the world. You will be happy, the critters will be happy. Saving. the. world. one stick at a time.
6) Listen
             - It seems that all that saves the world in my list of slightly selfish ways to save the world involve ways of being happy and sharing this happiness. Being friendly to strangers will save the world. What I mean is that you should kindly wave to them or let them ramble on and on to you on the subway or in a cab or on a corner because sharing and listening is what life is all about. Save the world buy expressing kindness and showing that you care even for those that you do not personally know. It will make someone's day. And who knows, you could make a friend, learn a lesson, or have a great story to tell. What is most important is that you are making yourself relevant in the world and making others feel special and important too. You might even feel a little less lonely when someone does it back to you.

7) Clean out your closet
             - Go through your closet and select things that don't fit or really don't mean anything to you anymore and donate them. Give them to a local salvation drop box/centre and feel good about what you have done. Someone, somewhere will be overjoyed to have a new outfit. Furthermore, your closet will be nice and empty for new clothes and accessories that may or may not meander their way into those empty spots. 

8) Wear Something Outrageous 
             - Yes, I said to speak the truth and express yourself in number 4 but what I didn't specifically say was to physically wear something ridiculous that makes you feel amazing. Because you are completely showing your colours will convey a sense of confidence and personality. It might make someone feel angry, or scared or even proud. Maybe they will comment on your ensemble or be secretly jealous that they didn't try pulling it off. This saves the world because it makes people react in some way. Not only does it empower other people around you, it enables you to express yourself. 

9) Buy Vintage 
             - Buying vintage works in two ways. Vintage is a form of fashion recycling; someone gives up their old pieces and someone buys them as new. In this scientific process, we buy something that is sometimes authentic and always unique. Where other than a thrift store can you buy a 1960s indian patterned moo moo for $15, hmm? What is important in the world saving aspect is that we do not give into that big ocean of sameness and pollution when we shop thrift. We straight up buy in an environment and socially friendly way. Personally, we reap the benefits because your clothes will be completely individual and the process of undeniably more fun than regular shopping.

10) Support something local
              - Whether this be spending an hour or so at a local concert or purchasing local produce, supporting your local community ultimately saves lives. It supports individuals living around you, makes you feel like a better person, and connects you to your home. If shit goes down with your food, you will know exactly who to blame... 

So, ultimately, as you can see the, the main message I am trying to convey about saving the world selfishly is that you can give back and what not in ways that are really not that difficult to do. You benefit, others benefit, and you will be a happier individual, even if you are expressing your thoughts on your blog. So go out and contribute. Buy something, give something away, and be aware that you have an effect on your own surroundings. Be freeeee 


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