Friday, April 23, 2010

it is the truth

I have been journeying to the top of mount everest (also known as my packing extravaganza ). Having just returned home for the summer - boo hoo - I have taken on the task of unloading everything that I have collected in the past year up at school. The funny thing is that in the last couple days I have realized that I have had this big problem of keeping everything I have ever owned for the last nineteen years of my life. I'm talking clothes from the 6th grade and random boxes. So truthfully, the struggle has been to make my way through the things that I left at home. It has been quite the job, but I am excited to see the end result and narrow my collection down the the things that I actually use. I have been inspired by the first boys to climb the mount. Success! Just tuning into the blogging world once again. Take care


What Alexander Wang and Chanel would want me to wear atop the mountain

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