Friday, May 7, 2010

the plan

I have been contemplating this plan for a while now. Scratch that, I knew it was a brilliant plan the moment I became inspired by these cats. If I am to be single for my entire life I will adopt a family of white cats and dye them pastel colours. Muahaha! I won't be one of those crazy cat ladies though. I'll live in a beautiful house with a lovely kitchen and landscaping. I will continue to listen to amazing music and adore fashion. When you come to visit me,  you won't even know that I have a off side because everything will seem perfectly normal. Then you will become jealous not of my lovely, sweet, cheech of a husband (who needs one of those anyway?) decadent jewels or fresh baked apple pie, but my family of yellow, pink, purple, blue, green chats. I think it is one of the best plans I have had in a while


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