Sunday, May 23, 2010

drinking lemonade in the big apple

hey hey hey, I am currently in New York City! yay. Getting ready to start fashion classes at Parsons tomorrow and so excited for my life. I landed here early afternoon and already got a chance to zip through Soho / Nolita area then to a delicious restaurant called Bread for dinner. I am totally in love with the city again and it has only really been a few hours. The greatest thing is seeing all of the people with such vibrant and different styles. I love the diversity. Even though the city is slightly (okay entirely) grimy, its so inspiring to see this much going on at once. My crappy camera was out of commission for the day / I was a dweeb and forgot to charge it. SO I plan to fix that problem tonight and start to take photos! Finally, I know right. I'll show you my favourite restaurants and stores and outdoor places. And may even be a bit of a creep and show some street style? Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Promising to keep this blog going! I have been missing in action a little bit of late, but now that I have plenty to write about, you should expect probably daily posts. For now I am far too exhausted to post anything great from or any other inspirations. Good night all!



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