Sunday, May 30, 2010

there's not a problem we can't fix with out a little love, love, love

So much has gone down in the big city in the last week. I couldn't even begin to tell you about my adventures. Hmm, let me think; I've spent lots of time around midtown because that's where class is everyday. This area tends to be a terrible terrible place for happiness. Seeing as its mostly tourists and business people and it is where I spend hour upon hour sketching figures and fabrics, it hasn't really been my favourite. I have been around Soho/Nolita area a few times which is super nice except today I found that pain sadness were my main feelings here because in order for me to purchase all the pretties, I would need a very good job. I do not have one of these, so I lose. I did score a great pair of medium wash Cheap Monday jeans for a steel, as well as this amazing white thick cotton summer dress and belt. The city has also taught me to eat well one day and then nothing the next. It is now the time for cutting back on my food expenses. I have also met some incredibly interesting people while here. New York just seems to be the capital of all that is fascinating. People, places, and the like.

Favourite places to eat so far have been;
1) Bread in Soho - delicious meatballs
2) ABC Kitchen in Union Square - had chicken - tasty, tasty
3) Pink Berry in Soho - best when avoiding dinner expenses - a great alternative to real food
4) Random cafe at Bryant Park - a market of just about everything you could think of eating. Freshy

Favourite Stores;
1) Clothing Warehouse - on Spring Street, Soho. This is where I picked up my vintage dress and belt
2) Around the World - at Bryant Park - incredible magazine shop where I do research for school
3) Freeman's - lower east side - men's store  with a barber shop in the back but super hot - went with a friend and waited while he got his hair cut.

Also, I went to the Sex and the City Premiere which was SO amazing. It was a lot of fun because it was only the second day with my roommates. I'll post some pictures below.

Then I found out that my class will be going to an Oscar de la Renta show next monday, I am so excited for my life.  Speaking of school, I have found that it is terribly difficult to handle living in such an amazing city and focus on class all at the same time. I am learning quite a bit though. There has been a focus on haute couture and also the creation of our own collection. Basically, we have learned how to manage our inspiration and thought process so that we can develop a clear and consistent collection of pieces. I love talking about fashion and clothing. Even though it is a difficult program I am finding that when I am working with something that I am passionate about, it is empowering to work harder at developing my skills.

Oh! and I dove headfirst into the true New York culture. I went to a poetry club with a friend last week and it was an utterly incredible experience. Got to hear some of the local (good and bad) talent and also watch my friend play (my heart melts still). We met this Brooklyn character and his friend reading outside of the club right before we went it. It was so inspiring to see such a guy (so out of character I might add) be so spirited about his thoughts/ feelings/ experiences that he would right poetry about them and perform in front of an audience.

You are not an official new yorker until you have been caught in a downpour. This happened to me when I went to meet someone up at Central Park the other day. I was completely drenched. Definitely a funny experience.

I have so much more to write, but will save some of the juicy details for later

I saw Valentino!!!!! That is all.

xoxo loves

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I am so incredibly jealous of you!! Please say hi to Tim Gunn for me!