Monday, May 31, 2010

just over here trying to be an artist!

To me, Memorial Weekend in New York has meant absolutely nothing as a Canadian. I mean, all of our schools computer labs are closed making it next to impossible to do work. Not to mention a bunch of the stores are closed as well and there are a bajillion people cruising the park and, as they are supposed to be, quiet and serene places. Such a disadvantage! What I have gotten out of the weekend is an overflow of homework and creativity. I have had to make a mood board, develop a decade inspired collection, do a shopping report at Barneys, and do two projects for my drawing class. Success! I am quite proud of myself right now for being able to complete all of this without going completely crazy. When they said that this would be an intensive studies program, they definitely meant it. But I find that the work is entirely achievable, even for me with little background and a concrete understanding of fashion design. So yay!

Have also spent a lot of time thinking about this and that. People watching. Free palm reading in the park- even though I rewarded the man with a $5 tip and 40 minutes of my time; not so free I suppose. I find it interesting to see such a diverse setting of people all crammed into such a, technically small, island. What I like the most is that you can feel and be 100% yourself in this city. There exists little judgement when one strolls down the street. I like that I can see the utmost chic of people on the same corner as a bum on the side of the road. Not that this is entirely a positive thing by any means, but it is completely inspiring to me. It's like art. My favourite game in the city so far has been conversing with strangers. For example I purchased a great chandelier necklace from a street vender (is that what you call them?) and had a wonderful conversation with him about his education and his business. I told him I was a student and he told me to come visit his store late this summer when it opens. I bought the piece and left, and will probably never see this man ever again. But it was nice; being able to talk to someone like that. I did this also with a very friendly cab driver one afternoon on my way over to the Meatpacking district. I was very distraught and I told him my story.  I just let it all out and listened to him tell me a little bit about himself. I felt a million times better than I had upon entering the cab. I suppose this is a rant about listening. And being open. It's a rant about both. That is something that I enjoy about life and a city such as New York. I think that everything that happens to you in a day, everything and everyone that you encounter is meant to teach you something. These are my thoughts...



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