Tuesday, June 1, 2010

look your loveliest in lace

I'm looking for new things to try in the city. Have so far come across this apparently really awesome hair salon called Blow. It sounds incredible and has been highly rated in Vogue, Instyle and the like. The salon is basically a blow dry bar where you can make an appointment to get your hair blown out. How great right?! I really want to try this out. Prices range from about $40 + but for a wedding, date, interview or what have you, I think that this is an excellent price. Planning to go on my last day in the city so that I can emerge from the plane at home with KAPOW! hair. I posted the link below, check it out!

Also planning on going to a yoga place in a little bit called Yoga to the People. So excited! The coolest part is that on Sunday nights they have candlelit yoga. Did I mention that these places are all super close to where I currently live? Score. 

As for today; was going a little stir crazy when having to draw the same gastly model for 3 hours straight. The horror. Started to draw the little plastic pig that I store in my pencil case for such situations instead. So fashion forward of me. 



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