Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The other day I played with bubbles

Okay, so this is not a lie at all. I was reminiscing about my childhood one time and recalled this amazing bubble maker that my grandma used to have. We would make these ginormous bubbles, my cousins and I. I'm positive that they are not quite as magical as the ones from this Miu Miu shoot, but they are the closest thing in reality. The continuing love affair between Miu Miu and myself  ahh... I think that we should always revisit childhood memories. Like me and my bubbles. Anyway, back to the point - Miu Miu tends to tell such an innocent story. I see such childlike petite beauties with skinny legs and flowery details flouncing about. But at the same time, the work is intricate and poised with a dose of excitement and mystery. Miu Miu seems like an imagined daydream. Seeing the pieces in real life just bring us all back down to earth to realize that these things really do exist.

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