Friday, July 23, 2010

You left me in the dark

I just purchased the 'Keys to the Fleas' (1) app on itunes and am dying to get to Paris to search out all of the suggested flea markets. If you didn't already know, vintage is a huge love of mine. The other day I almost caught myself buying a petite napkin with jeudi written on the side and a pair of dainty orange gloves - two things that I really don't need. This app was exactly what I was looking for not only in that it will help me to plan a trip to Paris in the future (whenever that may happen) but also because it contributes to the on-going Parisian dream that floats around in my head. I cannot even imagine shopping vintage in Paris. This trip is a big dream of mine.

In other news, I have been flipping through a couple books in my little library (also known as the random piles of books that take up my room) and have come across so many places that I hope to visit. This book by Gisele Scanlon called, The Goddess Experience (2), is a total gem in terms of life guides. Its basically a compilation of all of the best places to eat and shop as well as additional tips on keeping up your home and your wardrobe. It seems to have a greater amount of places to visit in London which means that when I find myself in the city of love I should also hop over to good old London and have a boo at all of the lovely places discussed in Gisele's book.

Another must read is The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping (3) by Melody Fortier. It's a clever guide to understanding vintage clothing. Flipping through the pages you will notice her detailed explanations on spotting and buying vintage fashion as well as helpful hints in fittings and style. Further, the author makes store suggestions here and there. It's such a lovely book to have. You would be surprised at how much you can learn from its pages.

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the paris apartment said...

Hi Carson, I'm glad to have stumbled onto your fabulous blog! I appreciate the app mention and will check out these other great recommendations. I'll also add you to my blogroll. Stop by if you get a chance and say hi!