Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chicago Report

I literally just walked through the door from my short shopping trip to Chicago. The city is only a couple hours drive from where I live in Canada so going it doesn't end up being too taxing of a get-away. When we go to Chicago the vacation unfailingly turns into a shopping trip whether it is intended or not. I did make it to the Chicago Art Institute which was really nice. What was best about this was that we went at the very end of the day when it wasn't too busy and they give you a complimentary ticket - full admission for the next day. Great right! I'm such a sucker for galleries. It is always inspiring to see art because I find that every person has an entirely opposing view of its meaning.

In terms of shopping, Chicago to me always turns out to be kind of a bore. You know the saying, 'only boring people get bored?' Yeah, but what about the ones that crave something more delicious? Sorry my dear city, you just don't offer me anything extraordinary. I did end up with some amazing purchases none-the-less.

Drumroll, please:

Chocolate brown faux fur collar
This amazing grandpa green long sweater with steel buttons
A mid-thigh length pleated leather skirt
A little black dress with an a-line skirt
Desert boot wedges

I entirely will love Prada Chicago for the rest of my life for providing me the gift of beautiful (and magical) socks. Really and truthfully, I spent about 30 minutes in the store groping each of the fall/ winter pieces with my eyes. The sales women were lovely to boot!

I also took a look through Barney's, Hermes and Marc Jacobs. Like I said, Chicago never seems to bring to the table strange and obscure things that you wouldn't find elsewhere. While the city's shopping offers 'da labels' nothing was unique in the main shopping district. Perhaps I have never ventured far enough off of the main trail to find some more interesting things to see and spend all of my funds on.

On a more positive note! When I got home I was welcomed by a bundle of publishings (London College of Fashion magazine and the Holt Renfrew catalogue) Not to mention, I have not yet had the chance to go through the Vogue September issue yet.

I head to New York on Friday for my last hurrah of the summer. I cannot wait to get back to the city: Delicious food, delicious fashion, delicious sights, delicious people! Delicious, delicious, delicious!
Take care chickens

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