Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Something Profound

I don't label myself as in possession of the utmost class. When everyone awaits their food at the dinner table I want to dig into my plate of deliciousness as soon as it arrives. No need to wait! I dry my hands on the bottoms of my jeans when there are no hand towels in the washroom. I wear my beanie hat indoors. I might leave my dishes in the sink for an entire week. When people come over, my room will most definitely be a disaster. And I might not be wearing a matching set of bra and undies while I cook you dinner. Gasp! I do however know that it is common decency to ask a person how they are doing when they ask that of you. When someone inquires about my life I believe that it may be quite rude to not ponder about theirs. So why then does this classless Canadian girl from small-town Chatham, population of who-the-fuck-cares, possess so much more sophistication than you, kind financier?

That's Canadian for fuck you. x

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