Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A turn for the strange, I think so

"Even with all the love in the world, we want what we cannot have, we desire that which does not long us in return, and we yearn for the implausible. 

Looking at the bright side, a prompt exit out the back door can cure the bug of outward fixation. Otherwise, Kitten, we can parade through the stormy front door with our head held high into the unknown. The choice you need to make regards your willingness to reach for the extraordinary, and your ability to risk your heart and soul if your attempts should fail. 

What would it mean to live, Pretty if you never took chances, never made mistakes, and never jumped into the cold dark water. We desire what we feel we cannot have because we have not already had it. Where would you be if you never tried?"

~ This has little to no relevance to my selection of photos this evening. I thought about turning it into a story whose characters are rather eerie, so I suppose that's where the fascination came from. Also, I was taking a boo through my old October file of photos and rediscovered some old gems. I'm really digging the whole exotic, summer garden, layering thing going on lately (okay maybe that's just in my mind). It's almost 1920s/ Victorian/ prostitute meets nature and Edgar Allen Poe. Recipe for deliciousness? Yes. Said eeriness could also be due to the fact that I've been taking some gloomy courses this semester (i.e Grief, Death and Dying, Violence Against Women, and Love and its Myths). OR, the creepy documentary show about abduction and rape and torture playing in the local Harvey's last night could have done it...
My little story did start out with a princess-y vibe though! 

Tally ho and other shit. xoxo

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