Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dressed in White

For much of my life I have dreamt of my wedding day: it shall be beautiful, yet understated, pleasant and classic. Unlike some of my confidants - who have been swooning over their sweetheart-ed, mermaid-ed, princess-ed, embellished gowns for more than they sometimes like to admit - I have yet to rest upon conclusive notions of my dream dress. I would like to think that it is something that I will just happen upon, "and there it is, the dress that is meant to be mine." This is an idea similar to that of my currently faceless fiance... I do know however that, like the rest of my wedding fantasy, it will be be made of the most delicious of textiles, timelessly representative of natural elegance, and most importantly, effortlessly beautiful. It will be fresh, sun-kissed, illuminating. 

I fell in love with the first dress through another blog. There is something so raw - so pure - about it. I can imagine how much fun it would be to wear. The Chloe chiffon ruffled piece naturally owns my heart. I found it on Fifth Ave. this past summer (ironically as I did the rest of my soul) displayed in a window. I tried it on. It fell so perfectly. 

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