Monday, March 21, 2011

A House by the Lake

Karla's blog is one of my favourites, she has a very classic style with a little bit of a quirky edge. I'm very much into dresses and skirts this season, just waiting for the outside world to warm up before I can prance around in them. I have a lot of neutrals and vintage, which is nice to work with in terms of accessories and general loveliness. 


I've been talking a lot about love in my blogposts - my life as of late has been a great exploration of love  so I think this is why my focus has been drawn to such a topic especially in my creative work. To me, love is completely inescapable. It is a being so complex that I think we spend our entire lives trying to make sense of it - whether that ever works out, I'm not sure. I'm at a place in life where I've been able to notice my particular attachment to the idea of love and romance. Even as a child, there existed a strong attachment to my father; a princess/king sort of love that made me look up to him as if he were the only man in the entire world. A nurtured separation from my father has come to make me search for the satisfaction of a new set of needs - I crave love, as all beings do, yet have come to understand my need for love in new ways.  

Beginning as a natural happening, we start to analyze love as something learned. In growing older, we develop different desires and necessities, thus instituting a need for various ways of loving and learning. Now, love seems to be more complicated than ever before. It is a time of experimentation, of finding the perfect fit by becoming involved with that which is imperfect. We make mistakes in love and this is how we learn. But is love innate or acquired throughout life? Is there a shift in our loving where we come understand it as something different? 

Natural and learned, love is both. As we grow, I think that we cultivate a process of learning and evolving. Like all facets of human existence, our love flourishes, changes, broadens. And in this, we too become changed by that which we feel. 

"A thought, even a possibility, can shatter & transform us."  
-Friedrich Nietzsche 

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