Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wooed by Versace

My goodness Versace you have outdone yourself! I was surprised to have found such a classic elegance in this collection. The pieces are actually quite beautiful. I usually have a strong distaste for Versace so my liking of this collection comes as a bit of a shock. I especially love the cut outs on the last white dress, the structure of the second military coat, and the oversized button and belt details. I would happily wear any of these pieces.

The makeup for this show was a little bit retro-glam natural. The focus on rosy high cheekbones, all over glow and bronzed eyelids draw a softly chiselled look on the models - very Versace, but marvellously toned down. Versace has always approached beauty from an athletic standpoint. We will never see the childlike innocence of the models of Valentino for example - who's skin is soft and buttery, with the most delicately rosed cheeks and kissed lips -  in a Versace show or campaign. The Versace woman is always aware of her sexuality and beauty. Again, natural beauty is the best beauty and we have seen a lot of that for fall/winter this year.

The tone of this show is very clear: elegant and sensual sophistication. When we can easily understand the mood of a collection, I feel that it becomes perfected by our interpretation. It creates a story in our minds that outlines exactly what the collection is attempting to portray, how we should see this unfold in front of us, and especially how we should feel when wearing the clothes. It is storytelling at its very best.

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