Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sunshine and Rain

When I walk in the house and everyone goes silent, starts to laugh, and stares down at the kitchen table, I'm going to assume that you've been talking shit about me. I hope it was about my killer silk skirt. Fuckers.

I sometimes need a rainy day. I love the smell of spring and even though we're still into cold weather, rain makes me think about the warmth of the summer months, new beginnings and coziness in general. Rain is romantic on its own: there is something so beautiful about it. I'll never forget walking in the rain at Bryant Park on an unplanned journey to the New York Public Library. I wish I had taken a photo because I've never seen anything so incredible in my life. There was a thick fog covering the lawn and all of the chairs had been left out. No one was around. All you heard was the rain. Even writing on the train back downtown was a little bit magical. Cheesy moment? Story of my life. It was just too perfect not to share - perhaps you needed to be there. 

Skirt reference: I found the perfect pleated shirt the other day at a little vintage shop in Kitchener. The way it falls is peaches and cream. Off white, silk, mid-calf. Hopefully I'll get some outfit photos up soon enough - I'll show you! 

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