Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Countryside Comfort


Country bonding is a little something that tends to save my soul 
when it's in a bit of a funk. Living in a city where the countryside isn't so grand and you can drive forever and not run into the lake becomes testing in dire times.

I usually rely on dear old Chatham and drives out to
Pardo's followed by a strong dose of Somerset to get me back 
into shape. 

Not until quite recently did I realize the necessity of nature in my life. Reflecting 
on this now, I can see my future self raising a couple babes out 
amongst the woods. Oh dreams. 

P.s   I think it's about time I work on a new blog header, no? 
I just saw the new format on Sea of Shoes and fell in 
love a little bit. Stay tuned. 

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