Wednesday, April 13, 2011


"In the midst of the winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
— Albert Camus


Spring time is always so refreshing but I find that our attitude toward change is that which enables such an energizing experience in the changing seasons - Reflecting on the past, learning and moving forward illuminates everything. 

Around this time of year my old house has the most wonderful smell. It's almost as if it is waking up, opening its eyes, welcoming in new air after a long winter's frigid spell.
I'll always remember and look forward to the blooming scent of the giant wooden window frames, the peeling paint, the hardwood floors of my childhood.  And growing in my own life, I will search for that smell in the spring time within every house I live. 

I like to think that memories of my childhood are rather pure. In all the decisions I made before the age of ten was held a strong sense of confidence. I baked the most delicious mud pies in my imaginary community, and the trees in my backyard made for the most magical cottages, I was sure. There was certainty always - never debate between the orange popsicle and the pink one because the pink one was always the best. As I grew older, my thoughts, actions, decisions, what have you, became more calculated. So calculated that I failed to remember, and continue to do so on occasion, the assured essence of choice and self-confidence in my childhood. 

It's true when they say that we will reach back to our childhood memories to understand ourselves again. Sometimes this is going home, reaching back in our family lives, flipping through old photos, smelling that lovely spring breath of the awakening fibres of our houses. At times it's reflecting with a special person to make us realize that we are exactly as we always have been. 

I absolutely love Hanneli's dress.. it was inspiration for this entire post and most definitely a couple future finds for my summer wardrobe. I have seen quite a few dresses around, but maybe that's because I've been searching for them.

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