Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kiss, Kiss, Tangerine Baby


Today was particularly treacherous: I made a last minute trip up to Ottawa last night and ended up driving back this morning. I worked all day and have just gotten home at midnight after a long introduction to my very unsuccessful first window display - which I have attempted alone. This week has me exhausted, my feet sore and my mind in a jumble. Amongst a bunch of other wonderfully tragic happenings, I've come to recognize a lot about the things that I really do want, mostly byway of those that I don't. I swim on because it all really isn't so awful.
I am quite drawn to tangerine. We all know this by now because I think I've commented over and over on how wonderfully delicious it is. I fell in love with the first photo the moment I saw it. So juicy! 

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