Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Perfect Accessory

"My mum once said to me 'you can't have fun all the time' and I said 'why mum, why the fuck can't I have fun all the time?" - kate moss

It's as if once we can find something that is good enough we're expected to drop 
our dreams of the best.
Growing older, we shouldn't lose sight of the things that we want but should find some strength
or another to bring us closer to them. If we should end up alone so it was meant to be.

I've been working officially with accessories for the past two weeks and have sincerely 
come to appreciate the perfect accessory. It is understated and timeless - complimentary to 
one's outfit, style and further, their character. The perfect accessory is a balance between
a statement piece and the essential part of one's wardrobe. I bought a lovely pair of 
nude, patent, pointed Stewart Weitzman's and they have quickly catapulted to the top of 
my favourite accessory chart. They work because they 
suit all of my outfits so wonderfully, highlighting my everyday looks with a touch of sophistication. I am an advocate for the 'cherry on top' gift: a compliment to everything given. So an outfit is not complete without the final tie of that delicate bow.

 Working with jewellery can be particularly difficult
when you are not your own customer. The challenge lies in becoming 
a wardrobe specialist of sorts in two simple questions: do you prefer delicate or heavier jewellery? And, are you searching for an everyday piece or something for a particular occasion?
This is the thing with accessories, they need to be both personal to the wearer and also 
surprising to their style. Getting to know the client will help you in finding them something that they will love to wear not once, but forever. You can come to know their wardrobe without even seeing it. 
 I admire Karla's (from Karla's Closet) talent in accessorizing because she does so in such a natural way. The nude shoes with that dress? Yum.

Putting two accessories together takes love, care and a eye for balance. In jewellery, you should always wear a larger necklace with tinier earrings, a bracelet with larger earrings or, hoops with a long, waist length chain. It is the same with the balance of a bag and a belt - Both, say, larger pieces matched with smaller jewellery and a beanie. Looking for dimension and balance is the trick. 

The question: if there was a fire and you had a chance to grab only your favourite outfits, which would you choose? 

xoxo Carson Chloe 

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