Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cloud Nine

The other day I had a vision of reading the Sunday paper in a beautiful New York City apartment and monogrammed pijamas.. 
it was a very happy thought.


There is something so rejuvenating about wearing white in the summertime. 
I love the simplicity and modern, clean lines of the above looks mixed 
with Chanel's billowy, sweet - and if I might add, absolutely delicious - 
dresses for Spring/Summer. White on white is stunning, refreshing
and entirely complimentary to the figures of each of the women.

This month has been very transformational. 
When I read my horoscope on Elle.com everyday, I now
sweep down to the Career and Health section before 
reading about my predicted love life. 
Walking down the street each morning before work
I think about my resume, how to enhance my creative outlets, 
plans for the fall, opening the store, what I might have for 
dinner... instead of the 'could-be-handsome' 
young lawyer passing by. 
I am unmoved. 

For a long time I think my focus - like most women my age - 
was on the success of my womanhood (i.e going to 
university, meeting prince charming one day in 
my boring anthropology class, getting married, popping out
a few babies, and living happily ever after).
I could take a look at every problem man and turn him 
into a fixer-upper. I, without a doubt, lost sight of my own worth.
There comes a point when we have to move beyond the mistakes 
we've made in the past, let go of our guilt, and come 
to realize our own capabilities and all that we have to offer.

Women are told day in and day out that they aren't good enough,
pretty enough, smart enough... and of course if they are, they
are told they're bitches. 

The little things, say... finding happiness in my career
instead of my supposed soul mate, is a big step in the 
right direction, I think. 

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