Sunday, July 3, 2011

I met a man the other day who reminded me strangely of old 
Humbert Humbert.


Odd how fictional characters can have a specific set of real-life mannerisms
and traits and houses and dinner choices and careers and ways of being beyond 
the pages of their respectable novels. 

In other news, my obsession with colour continues... I'm loving the juicy brights 
in the above photos - they are reminiscent of sticky, melting popsicles
on a hot day. Today we had a very serious conversation, J. and I, about
fall time colours, shapes, and textures. I'm looking forward to 
nurturing my newfound love of colour in the cooler months. I predict lots
of olive, hot pink, and eggplant by way of knit pants and warm hats.
In a very McQueen way, we discovered fashion in a new light this summer: it's
not the shape of a pear that creates the perfect dress, it is the way the 
pear tastes, how it feels between the teeth, swallowed and 
digested. It's how the grass scratches at our legs, the bugs buzz in 
our ears and the way our heart thumbs louder when his foot accidentally brushes ours. 
And how the teeth crunch down on the perfect bite. 
Design is about feeling. It needs to say something important about life
to have meaning. 
Dream well, peaches.

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