Sunday, July 3, 2011

My perfect wardrobe is made up of the most classic, flawless tailoring, a colour palate that you can taste with your fingertips, and label-less, personalized


I think that fashion is very much about modernization.
Kate Middleton is a fabulous example of the Classic Beauty. She is of grace
and elegance - a hot commodity in the fashion world right now. But, what 
she lacks is the ability to fully modernize her looks, to be inspired
by the past, yet take risks with contemporary elements. I would 
like to see her utilize her resources and experiment with
her own sense of style; a little Jackie O classic, a little 
 Chloe fresh, and loyal to her respective surroundings. 
She has the most incredible body for fashion and should 
look at some edgier cut out details, watermelon colours and different 
textures. Her style is very basic. We need to stop focusing on 
the labels she wears and start noticing 
the naturalness of her beauty and her overall sense of style: classic
and polished. Meanwhile, we need to be able to appreciate modern
ideas about fashion, style, and what is considered 'normal.' 

Let's be honest, she is such a refreshing icon amongst today's world of 
washed up - Kate Moss - ladies of the festival - the Coachella lifestyle
that has seemed to take over the consumer/retail world. She 
has some taste, is clean and poised and there are very few women
that possess these traits in this day and age. 
Ultimately, I think that she needs to fluff up her wardrobe and 
 throw us a few surprises. While her style is timeless and 
elegant, I would like to see some risky fashion choices,
a few things to look forward to. It's all been done before, Kate. 

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